Laurie D. Leigh, MA

Director - School Program


The mission of the School Program is to provide opportunities to continue normal educational activities and to provide re-entry services to ease the transition back to the community school by working as part of the health care team. As the first Director of the School Program, I have worked to increase the visibility of the School Program and expand the services offered. We now have two classrooms, K-6 and 7-12, and have four teachers who are St. Jude employees in addition to personnel from Memphis City Schools. Children and adolescents who are here for treatment can go to school using books and assignments from their home community school. For students going back to school, we can assist with school re-entry issues.

Education, Training, Certification  
1978  BS, Psychology  -  University of Tennessee at Martin
1980  MA  School of Psychology  -  Memphis State University

Licensed by the State of Tennessee as a Psychological Examiner

Professional Organizations
National Association of School Psychologists
Tennessee Association of School Psychologists
Council for Exceptional Children
Association for the Education of Children with Medical Needs


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