Thomas Chin, MD

Thomas Chin, MD

Professor in Pediatrics
Chief of Pediatric Cardiology
Medical Director, Pediatric Heart Institute
University of Tennessee HSC
Director of Cardiology, St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital


Pediatric Medicine



Contact Information

Thomas Chin, MD
777 Washington Ave., Suite P215
Memphis, TN  38105
Phone: 901-287-6380
Fax: 901-287-5107


BS – University of Michigan
MD – University of Michigan College of Medicine

Research Interests

Selected Publications

Goldberg SP, Boston U, Turpin D, Mari G, Mathis CA, Chin TK, Knott-Craig CJ. Surgical Management of Intrapericardial Teratoma in the Fetus. J Pediatr 2010.

Leary PJ, Rajasekaran S, Morrison RR, Tuomanen EI, Chin TK, Hofmann PA.  A Cardioprotective Role for Platelet Activating Factor Through NOS Dependent S-Nitrosylation. Am J Physiol Heart Circ Physiol 294, 2008.

Fouladi M, Furman W, Chin TK, Freeman BB, Dudkin L, Steward CF, Krailo M, Speights R, Ingle AM, Houghton PJ, Wright J, Adamson PC, Blaney SM. Phase I study of depsipeptide (FK228) in pediatric patients with refractory tumor. J Clinical Oncology 24(22); 3678-3685, 2006.

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