We won’t stop until no child dies from cancer

Survival rates

When St. Jude opened its doors in 1962, the medical community saw many childhood cancers as incurable.

We didn’t listen.

And today, thanks to the research of St. Jude scientists and the care of St. Jude doctors, there are thousands of families that are very glad we didn’t listen.

Our work at St. Jude has helped push the survival rates for childhood cancer from 20% to 80%. And that’s really good news.

But we want great news. And great news will be when we cure all kids.

In the next decade our goal is to increase the survival rate of childhood cancers to 90%, and we will keep pushing until we get to that incredible day when cancer doesn’t claim the life of any child.

You can help us get there. Make a gift today and you’ll be helping provide us with the needed tools to conquer childhood cancer.

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