How do I initiate a referral from my child's present physician?

The referral process begins by having your physician call the following number 1-866-2STJUDE (1-866-278-5833).

How long will my child have to stay at St. Jude?

Your length of stay is always dependent upon the type of treatment required for your child's disease.

What assistance is available with daily living expenses?

Assistance with housing, meals, and transportation is provided for the patient and one parent during your stay with us.

What makes St. Jude the best place for my child to receive treatment?

St. Jude has a long history of developing innovative therapies for children with recurrent or refractory malignancies.

What type of support network do you have for family members?

Treating the disease is only one facet of patient care at St. Jude.

Will St. Jude use experimental treatments on my child?

The term "experimental" usually refers to new chemotherapy drugs that are still in the first two phases of testing.

Will all my child's treatment have to be given at St. Jude?

When possible, we will work with a local physician to deliver certain treatments at or closer to home.

Will my child have to have chemotherapy? Radiation therapy? Additional surgery?

Almost all patients with solid tumors will require a biopsy or surgical resection when they are originally diagnosed.