Radiation Oncology

"Do you know ..." is an educational series for patients and their families.


The doctor may decide that brachytherapy is the best treatment for your child’s tumor. Brachytherapy uses radioactive material, called sources to kill tumor cells. These sources are no bigger than sesame seeds.

Caring for your skin during radiation therapy

You will need to take special care of the skin in the area where radiation treatments are given. The skin in this area is easily hurt and needs to be protected from injury.

Preparing your child / teen for radiation

If children and teens are not given information about radiation treatment in words that they can understand, they are left to imagine what is going to happen. These thoughts can often be scarier than the truth.

Radiation therapy

Radiation therapy (RT) is used to destroy tumor or leukemia cells to help control cancer. The treatments take place in an area of St. Jude called Radiation Oncology. The doctor in this area is called a radiation oncologist.

Total body irradiation before stem cell transplant

Total body irradiation (TBI) is an important part of the stem cell transplant process. Before receiving the transplant, your child will be given a conditioning regimen.