Years of Service

We congratulate St. Jude Volunteers with more than 5 years of service. These individuals were recognized at the annual volunteer appreciation lunch on April 26, 2012.

5 years

Esther Ashford
Patricia Belt
Fannie Brown
Teresa Dalle
Robert Daniel
Barbara Evans
Janet Gatewood
Benita Lewis
Marlow Moore
Jenifer Prather
Ernest Restivo
Debbie Richerson
Heather Simons
William Sphar, III

10 years

Carole Dimaso
Kicker and JoAnne Fusco
Cindy Goldsby
Norma Lea
Maria Lohman
Simone Meeks
Paula Phipps
Gerald Rossi
Karen Sanford
Penny Tramontozzi
Nancy Walker

15 years

Patricia Moretta
Dolores Seelig

20 years

Sylvia Whitworth

40 years

Marjorie Webster