Will St. Jude use experimental treatments on my child?

The term "experimental" usually refers to new chemotherapy drugs that are still in the first two phases of testing. These types of therapy, known as Phase 1 or Phase 2 drugs, are generally used when standard treatments have failed. Occasionally, if a newer drug is very promising, we will evaluate it in a newly diagnosed tumor in what we call an "up front chemotherapy window." Standard therapies, generally using Phase 3 drugs, are typically recommended in patients with a newly diagnosed solid tumor. By incorporating newer components of therapy, the purpose of these studies is to determine whether the outcome, or results, will be better than studies completed in the past. A major component of our hospital is focused on the research of cancer; your child will be treated with state-of-the-art therapy. All our protocols (treatment plans) are approved by our Office of Human Subjects Protection and the results are closely monitored to protect your child.