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Dylan's story

Kevin Love and patient Dylan

In October 2008, St. Jude patient Dylan spent time with Rookie Relief for St. Jude ambassador Kevin Love at the Minnesota Timberwolves’ practice facility. Following practice, Dylan and Kevin shot some hoops and talked about Dylan’s experience at St. Jude.

Dylan’s father, Ed, describes his 14-year old son as a “sports nut” because Dylan plays team basketball, football and baseball and loves watching professional sports. In fact, Ed credits football for saving Dylan’s life.

This year during football practice, Dylan got tackled. Afterward in the locker room, his left hand went numb and he had a seizure. This frightening incident was the first outward sign that Dylan had a brain tumor.

At a local hospital, an MRI revealed the presence of a golf ball-sized tumor. The tumor was removed immediately and a diagnosis was made. Once he recovered from the surgery, Dylan would need quick and ongoing follow-up care to keep the tumor from returning. The family researched the best hospitals nationwide, and they were drawn to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital because of its encouraging remission rates and the hospital’s emphasis on preserving quality of life. 

At St. Jude, Dylan began an intense radiation regimen that ended in October 2008. After a month at home in Minnesota, he’ll return to St. Jude to begin several rounds of chemotherapy, beginning in December. The family is amazed by the quality of care the whole family receives at St. Jude.

While at St. Jude, the family lives at Target House, which is fitting, given that Dylan’s mom, Debbie, is a Target employee, and the company has been so supportive to the family during Dylan’s treatment.

Dylan loves playing ball with his dad on the grounds of Target House. In sports as in life, Dylan is determined to face obstacles head on.

After meeting Dylan, Kevin Love remarks, “Becoming ambassador of Rookie Relief for St. Jude was an easy decision. As rookies we are blessed to make it to the NBA and play a game we love as a job. It’s our duty to give back,” Love said. “I hope NBA fans will join us in support of Rookie Relief for St. Jude and help kids fighting cancer.” Love has committed to matching funds raised through the auction up to $12,500.

November 2008

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Editor’s Note: We regret to inform you that Dylan passed away on June 9, 2010.