Matching Gifts

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Will your company match your St. Jude donation?
Search our Matching Gifts database to see if your company has a matching gifts program.


What is a matching gift?
A company makes a matching gift when an employee has made a donation to a non-profit organization and applies for their company to match their gift to that same organization. Most companies match charitable contributions at an equal amount and sometimes greater. A matching gift is a great way for a donor to increase their contribution to support the children and families of St. Jude.


How does a donor apply for a matching gift?
To make a matching gift, first go to our Matching Gifts database and use the search tool to look up the name of the company. If the company is in our database, select it and you will see the specific instructions for that company’s matching gifts process. The process required for a matching gift may vary from one company to another. Please look up your individual company to complete the appropriate steps.


Can a donor mail the matching gift form to St. Jude?
Yes. The form can be mailed in or faxed in. Our tax ID # is 62-0646012.

Mailing address:
St. Jude Children's Research Hospital
ATTN: Matching Gifts
501 St. Jude Place
Memphis, TN 38105

Phone: 800-871-2759
Fax number: 901-578-2809

For additional information, visit our Matching Gifts database or call 800-871-2759.


My company has an online donations process. Can I use this?
Yes. Many companies provide an online matching gift process to their employees. St. Jude will receive notification of your matching gift request electronically once all the requirements of the online process have been completed.


How long does it take for St. Jude to process the matching gift form and return it to the company?
It can take up to two weeks for St. Jude to process the matching gift form and return it to the company for processing.


How long does it take for St. Jude to receive the matching gift after the form is sent to the company?
Companies will distribute matching gift funds according to their established company policies, with most companies making quarterly distributions. Please contact the company directly for information to determine when funds are distributed.


Does the company always match an employee's charitable gift?
Not always. The request must meet the minimum requirements of the company's matching gift policy. Many companies do not match gifts of part-time employees and most companies set maximum amounts for gift matches per individual employee. Other requirements may also be established by companies for a gift to be eligible for the company match. However, most companies do match the gifts of retired employees and charitable donations made by an employee's spouse. Therefore, it is always recommended that you look up the company on our Matching Gifts database or make direct contact with the company to review requirements and procedures.


What will happen if the company doesn't match the requested gift?
A letter will be sent to the employee and to the charity stating the reason for the rejection of the match.