Muscle Strength

Muscle Strength

Biodex System 3 Pro

A hand-held dynamometer

Muscle strength is measured with the Biodex System 3 Pro, a computer‑controlled dynamometer. This system has the capability to test muscle strength in a variety of modes, while the body part is moving and while it is held in a stationary position.  The system tests most of the major joints and movements in the body. Speeds of movement, resistance, or limb positioning are modified depending on the needs of the research protocol.

Manual Muscle Strength

Muscle strength can also be measured with more portable devices like a hand held dynamometer. In this photo, hand grip strength is measured using a hand-held dynamometer. The person is seated with the shoulder in a resting position and the elbow bent. The individual is asked to grip the device as hard as possible. The device records the force the person exerts while gripping the handle.

Portable myometers can also be used for other muscle groups in the body. Typically, the examiner will place the limb to be tested in a stationary position and have the participant push against the myometer. The tester applies force to the myometer until the participant can no longer resist the force.