Everything under one roof

Most treatment services located on the St. Jude campus

What is the advantage of having most treatment services located on the same campus?

It is overwhelming to learn that your child has a brain tumor that will involve the input of many different types of doctors. It can be even more stressful when you learn that these physicians are spread out all over the city and you have multiple appointments scheduled throughout your week. At St. Jude, there is minimal traveling, because almost everything your child will need can be found on the St. Jude campus.

Having everything located so close together eliminates unnecessary stress in your life at this difficult time and provides you with an environment where your child will become very comfortable. The close proximity of all the doctors involved with your child’s care will allow for direct and prompt communication between them and you to help ensure that your child’s needs are being met each day.

Under special circumstances, you and your child may have to travel to an outside physician office that is off campus. In those cases, St. Jude will provide transportation to and from the appointment through our patient services department.

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