St. Jude Graduate Education Oversight Committee

A select group of researchers and administrators is charged with overseeing graduate student research conducted at St. Jude. Many members of the St. Jude faculty have adjunct positions within departments at the University of Tennessee Health Science Center (UTHSC), and are members of the UTHSC graduate faculty. In this capacity, they teach graduate courses and mentor research towards PhD theses. Currently, some 50 UTHSC students conduct their graduate research at St. Jude, and most are affiliated with the Integrated Program in Biological Sciences.

In addition, several graduate students from national and international institutions are conducting research in laboratories at St. Jude through individual arrangements. Overall, St. Jude has a vibrant and highly productive graduate student body that the committee strives to improve by attracting the highest quality undergraduates both from the United States and from overseas.

Contact Steve White, DPhil, for information.