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Shelia L. Moore, MD

Sheila L. Moore, MD

Baton Rouge Affiliate Clinic
Medical Director

Contact Information

St. Jude Baton Rouge Affiliate Clinic
7777 Hennessy Blvd, Ste. 312
Baton Rouge, LA 70808
Phone: (225) 763-6337
FAX: (225) 761-4072


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Professional Memberships

Clinical/Research Interests

Selected Publications

Dunbar AE, Moore SL, Hinson RM. Fetal Diamond-Blackfan anemia associated with hydrops fetalis. Am J Perinatol 20:391-394, 2003.

Lemanek KL, Moore SL, Gresham FM, Williamson DA, Kelley ML. Psychological adjustment of children with sickle cell anemia. J Pediatr Psychol (in press).

Steele R, Warrier R, Unkel P, Foch B, Howes R, Shah S, Williams K, Moore S, Jue S. Colonization with antibiotic resistant streptococcus pneumonia in children with sickle cell disease. J Pediatr 128:531-535, 1996.

Moore SL. Sickle cell anemia: An overview. Executive Digest 4:32, 1989.