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1 year old

When Chloe and her twin sister, Hanna, chatter with each other, they switch seamlessly between English, Chinese and Spanish. 

“We’re always amazed,” said their mother, Lynda, about how easily the girls have picked up three distinct languages. “They know to speak to their grandparents in Taiwan in Chinese, to their grandmother in Florida in Spanish. They’re very bright little girls.” 

Right now, the twins are apart. Chloe is at St. Jude, undergoing treatment for ependymoma, a rare brain tumor. Hanna is with their father’s mother in Florida. 

The girls’ father divides his time between China, where the family had moved just before Chloe was diagnosed last year, and St. Jude.

Chloe’s treatment includes chemotherapy and radiation therapy. She’s responding well to treatment. Even though she misses her sister and dad, she loves to talk to them via Skype. 

“She smiles and laughs and waves to them when we call,” Lynda said. “It’s like we’re not really so far apart.”

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