History of the Quilt

The St. Jude Quilt of Hope project was initiated by former St. Jude employee Dana Marshall, PhD. Marshall, a quilter herself, wanted to create a lasting tribute to the tremendous work that is being done daily at the hospital. The goal of the project was simple–tell the story of St. Jude through the assembly of a quilt.

Special square making days were organized and people from across the country submitted squares at a rate that was overwhelming to Marshall. But Marshall soon received the help she needed to make the project a success. Alice Lynch, Ann Davis and Leonard Davis, expert quilters from Jonesboro, Arkansas, stepped in to assist with the assembly of the quilt. David Wichlan, a research lab specialist for St. Jude's Hematology-Oncology department, immediately became Marshall's right hand helping where needed, but especially with preparing images for the Web.

Patients, survivors, families, volunteers, employees and friends of St. Jude worked throughout the year to build a lasting tribute to the hospital through the St. Jude Quilt of Hope. The quilt is an opportunity to celebrate lives saved as well as lives lost. It honors special friendships made among the patients, their families and the hospital staff. The story of the institution is not complete if we do not acknowledge the contributions of those who work behind the scenes to make the mission of St. Jude a reality. It is to all of these people that the St. Jude Quilt of Hope is dedicated.