I fight the yawn

Up ‘til Dawn is that unique college experience that gives you the chance to stop for a moment and truly put someone else and their needs before your own.  It’s more than just a fundraising program; it’s the perfect collegiate opportunity to discover the best version of yourself and your friends around you by displaying a compassion for others.
– Brian Earl, The University of Memphis, Executive Board member

Up 'til Dawn gives me an opportunity to serve children from all across the world. It's great knowing that through our efforts we contribute to the great healthcare that St. Jude provides its patients.
– Zach Bean, Texas Tech University, Executive Board member

UTD is the ultimate college program that can bring an entire campus together for a great cause. It helps college students think beyond themselves, and see the value of community service and philanthropy. UTD is near and dear to me as I am blessed with 3 healthy kids. If they were to ever get sick, I want to make sure we doing everything possible to create hope for the families of St. Jude.  The fact that cancer affects us all, and has taken my best friend, my fraternity big brother, and my father keeps me motivated to help guide Chico State to the $1,000,000 mark and beyond.
– Larry Bassow, Chico State University, Advisor

I fell in love with St. Jude because it is this incredible, unified hub of hope... a beautiful place where patients, doctors, and supporters share the same innate desire give. Because of that, they are saving lives and finding cures EVERYDAY."
– Kathleen Hennessey, Western Kentucky University, Executive Board

"Not only is Up 'til Dawn a fun and easy program, it's so heartwarming to know I am actually helping St. Jude find cures and save the kids!"
– Megan Porter, Okahoma State University, Executive Board

Up ‘til Dawn is the most incredible program I’ve ever been involved in.  Beginning my third year on Bentley’s executive board, I can say with confidence that the preparation that goes into the event is an exciting challenge that I look forward to.  It’s FUN to come up with new ideas to raise money for the wonderful children at St. Jude, and no feeling can compare to knowing that I’ve helped contribute to one of the greatest causes in the world.
– Calli Mudge, Bentley College, Executive Board