Regulating T-cell Homeostasis (LAG-3) (SJ-02-0027)

Technology Name
(St. Jude Reference #)
Regulating T-cell Homeostasis (LAG-3) (SJ-02-0027)
Description This technology deals with the identification of a regulatory T cell (Treg) specific receptor for modulation of Treg function for treatment of disease. Enhancement of Treg function can suppress autoimmune diseases, while inhibition or elimination of Treg cells can enhance immunotherapy of cancer and infectious diseases, or aid bone marrow engraftment. This technology is co-owned with Johns Hopkins University; please see Manipulation of Regulatory T Cells Using LAG-3 Modulation for more information.


Contact the Office of Technology Licensing (Phone: 901-595-2342, Fax: 901-595-3148) for more information.


Last update: August 2013