The Jonesboro Quilters

As you enter Jonesboro, Arkansas, there is a sign that reads "Jonesboro, Arkansas, Volunteer Community of the Year, 1998." This should have been no surprise to me, because I was entering Jonesboro for the first time at the request of the kind hearts and generous spirits of that city’s small community of media people and quilters.

Earlier this year, we sent out a press release announcing the beginning of the St. Jude Quilt of Hope Project. Jonesboro's news station, KAIT-TV 8, contacted us and insisted on visiting Memphis to talk about the project, although we didn’t have a single square yet. They really wanted to help promote this project. Alice Lynch of Jonesboro saw the piece on the news and immediately sent us an email offering her personal assistance and the help of her quilting and fellowship group at the VA hospital here in Memphis. She discussed the project with her friends Ann and Leonard Davis who are the owners of The Quilters Corner in Jonesboro.

I don’t know where this project would be at this point without Alice, Ann and Leonard. They have provided invaluable advice on the actual assembly of a quilt of this type–but it doesn’t stop there. These wonderful folks have donated enormous amounts of their own time and secured donations of fabrics and notions. They have assembled an ever-expanding crew of helpers from Jonesboro to assist in this endeavor. Once a month, the whole crew comes to Memphis to help the patients and their families make squares of their own.

To all of you who we at St. Jude refer to as "The Jonesboro Quilters," thank you so much. Our gratitude is boundless.
                                                                                 Dana Marshall, St. Jude Quilt of Hope Project Coordinator