LIFELine Newsletter

Welcome to LifeLine, the newsletter of the St. Jude Lifetime Cohort Study. With this newsletter, we aim to keep you up-to-date on the progress of the study and to help prepare you for your return visit to St. Jude. We look forward to talking with you in person if you chose to take part in St. Jude Life. In the meantime, enjoy the most recent issues of your study newsletter.

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LIFELine Newsletter Spring 2015

  • Research Matters: Pituitary Hormone Deficiencies
  • Lifelong risk-based screening

LIFELine Newsletter Winter 2015

  • SJ Life Summary Numbers
  • Future Study Plans
  • People who Make up the SJ Life Study
  • Highlights of Recent Research

LIFELine Newsletter Spring 2014

  • Research Matters: Physical Frailty and Early Aging
  • Fight Frailty With Activities You Enjoy

LIFELine Newsletter Winter 2013

  • St. Jude LIFE screening study at-a-glance
  • Health conditions of St. Jude LIFE Study participants
  • Opportunities to participate in research at St. Jude

LIFELine Newsletter Spring 2013

  • Research Matters: Evaluating Heart Function
  • Save the Date: St. Jude Survivors’ Day September 6-7, 2013

LIFELine Newsletter Fall 2012

  • St. Jude 50th Anniversary
  • Speaking in (Genetic) Code
  • Growing Up with St. Jude

LIFELine Newsletter Spring 2012

  • Neurocognitive Research – Shedding Light on Brain Function
  • St. Jude Life Study Enrolls 2000th Participant!

LIFELine Newsletter Winter 2011

  • Screenings for Heart Health
  • St. Jude Research - For Life!

LIFELine Newsletter Spring 2011

  • SJLife Facts and Figures
  • Research in the Spotlight: Human Performance Laboratory

LIFELine Newsletter Winter 2010

  • ALL survivor manages life despite memory problems
  • Resources for survivors
  • The Chili’s Care Center: a light hand in design
  • Monitoring memory and other brain functions in St. Jude Life

LIFELine Newsletter Summer 2009

  • Staying Healthy Means Staying Connected to St. Jude
  • St. Jude Life Medical Team: Our Goal is to Help You Stay Healthy
  • Relationships with Medical Team Are Lasting Legacy of St. Jude
  • Finding Doctors for Your Team
  • After Completion of Therapy Clinic – Your Partner in Health For 25 Years

LIFELine Newsletter Winter 2009

  • Minda Lazarov…the CEO of her health care team
  • A Recipe for Healthy Living
  • FREE Help for St. Jude Survivors who Smoke Cigarettes
  • We value your privacy, time, and other concerns
  • Tastefully Designed, Kay Kafe

LIFELine Newsletter Summer 2008

  • Meet Dwight Tosh
  • Annual Survivors Day
  • Receive timely updates on the study
  • Make sure your visit goes smoothly
  • Patient Care Center redesign

LIFELine Newsletter Spring 2008

  • Welcome
  • What takes place during your evaluation
  • Physical changes to St. Jude’s campus