A spooktacluar way to help St. Jude kids

Halloween 2013

This October, help St. Jude kids by purchasing a $1 pinup at a location near you.

When customers walk into Dwight and Cathy Burk’s Petland stores, they see St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

During the month of October, the walls of their stores in Kentucky and Ohio are covered with pinups featuring the faces of St. Jude kids, and employees wear their cashier cards on St. Jude lanyards and sport St. Jude lapel pins. That’s because the Burks have been involved in the St. Jude Halloween Promotion since Petland became a corporate partner in 2009.

The St. Jude Halloween Promotion campaign, now in its 22nd year, asks customers to donate $1 or more at the register. In exchange for the donation, customers sign a St. Jude Halloween-themed pinup, which is then displayed in store.

The Burks were always committed to the fundraiser, but they became even more devoted after visiting St. Jude three years ago and seeing all that the hospital offers.

“The staff is so good, and they care, and they think of everything and do everything for free,” Dwight says. “Nobody does what they do.”

Donate to St Jude

The Burks have been St. Jude supporters through the promotion since 2009. Their store in Ashland, Kentucky, has been the top campaign fundraiser within the Petland chain for the past two years, and Dwight welcomes competition for the top spot this year — all in the spirit of raising more funds for the kids of St. Jude.

“We are in Appalachia. If we can raise that kind of money, so can stores in Atlanta, Columbus and Chicago,’’ says Dwight.

The secret to their success: “You have to talk to every customer. It can’t be every other. You have to talk with all of them.”

Other national corporate partners in the St. Jude Halloween Promotion include participating MillerCoors distributors, Casey’s General Store, EZ Mart, Hess Corporation, Houchen’s Industries, Huddle House, Palm Beach Tan, Pizza Patron and PriceChopper.

Dwight’s motivation is simple. “Kids are the footprint we leave behind. We have got to take care of all the kids in the world, and St. Jude does that,” he says.

October 2013