Genetically Engineering Livestock to Improve Meat Tenderization (SJ-08-0016)

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Genetically Engineering Livestock to Improve Meat Tenderization (SJ-08-0016)
Description A method for improving meat quality through better tenderization is provided. The method works through modulation of the calpain/ calpastatin proteolytic system, an established target for improvement of meat tenderization. The method is based on modification of calpastatin to convert it from an inhibitor of calpain activity into an enhancer. This modification can be genetically engineered in livestock (e.g. cattle, swine, sheep) and is contemplated to contribute to postmortem meat tenderization without affecting animal physiology.
Keywords calpain, calpastatin, meat tenderization
Granted Patents or Published Applications Pending provisional application
Related Scientific References Moldoveanu T. et al., Nature 456: 404-409 (2008)
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Last update: September 2010