Radio DJ shaves her head to help St. Jude

Q106 radiothon

WWQM-FM morning co-host Tammy Lee gets her head shaved to raise
money for St. Jude.

For Tammy Lee, on-air personality for WWQM-FM in Madison, Wisconsin, going bald isn't necessarily a bad thing. In fact, she decided baring her head would be a good idea for St. Jude fund raising.

"My co-host, John, and I knew we would have to do something drastic to bring in some corporate dollars," said Lee. "That's why I decided to shave my head. You don't often find a woman with long hair who is willing to get rid of it!"

Lee, a mother of five, had been growing her hair for more than two years. However, she decided her personal hairstyle was not as important as the kids of St. Jude. She and her morning team co-host, John Flint, determined Lee's hair would go if a company would give $10,000 to the cause.

William Kaminski quickly answered the pair's crazy challenge. Kaminski, president of the regional headquarters and training center of Cost Cutters® in Madison, not only gave the station $10,000, but also matched callers' donations for a 15-minute time span. In all, the quirky hair stunt raised nearly $18,000 for St. Jude.

To celebrate, Lee gave Kaminski the honors of the shaving. The special trim took place during the final half hour of WWQM's radiothon at East Towne Mall, where a good-sized crowd cheered on Lee's bold, yet compassionate decision.


May 2005