Drug Free Workplace

    St. Jude Vendors Code of Conduct Policies


    Employees are St. Jude Children's Research Hospital's most valuable resource, and their health and safety are a serious concern. Substance abuse may adversely affect the health and safety of employees, compromise the quality of patient care, and have an adverse impact on biomedical research. Employees have the right to work in an alcohol- and drug-free environment, and SJCRH is committed to providing an alcohol- and drug-free workplace. St. Jude has developed this policy out of concern for employee’s physical and mental health, workplace safety and productivity and the institutions status and reputation.


    Confidentiality. All reasonable steps will be taken to keep information related to employee substance abuse and the results of alcohol or drug tests confidential. Only persons with a well-defined need to know will be informed.

    Rights Reserved. St. Jude Hospital reserves the right to interpret, change, rescind, or depart from this policy in whole or in part without notice. Employees are free to resign their employment at any time for any or no reason without notice. Similarly, St. Jude retains the right to terminate the employment of any person at any time for any or no reason without notice.

    Definition: Reasonable suspicion is defined as a belief based on objective facts and rational inference which may be drawn from such facts or based on direct or reported observations from a verifiable sources that the employee is using or is impaired by drugs or alcohol.