Sickle Cell Disease Parent Information

Hematology/Sickle Cell
Why St. Jude for my child's treatment of sickle cell disease?
St. Jude has been researching sickle cell disease since the hospital opened in 1962. The first research grant ever received by the hospital was for the study of sickle cell disease. Since that time, St. Jude has been involved in numerous research studies that have had a major impact on the treatment of sickle cell disease.
Hematology/Sickle Cell
Sickle cell disease treatment
St. Jude provides comprehensive treatment for children with sickle cell disease and has one of the largest sickle cell programs in the country, with more than 750 patients. The clinics are divided into age-specific clinics, including the Infant/Toddler clinic, the School-age clinic, and the Teen clinic.
Refer a patient to St. Jude
How to refer a sickle cell patient
To refer a patient with sickle cell disease to St. Jude, the child’s treating physician must contact a St. Jude physician.
Sickle Cell Treatment Program
Screening for sickle cell disease and other hemogloniopathies
A special type of blood test is the only way to determine if a person has sickle cell disease, sickle cell trait or another abnormal hemoglobinopathy. Several tests are used when screening for sickle cell disease and other abnormal hemoglobinopathies.
Hematology/Sickle Cell
St. Jude's Hematology Program offers you two ways to obtain literature about sickle cell disease and other hematological disorders.