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St. Jude patient Belle
Belle, age 4

choroid plexus carcinoma


Home: South Carolina
Favorite color: Pink
Favorite team: Carolina Panthers
Favorite party food: Goldfish® crackers
St. Jude patient since: 2009

In late 2009, Belle’s mother noticed a series of disturbing symptoms in her strong willed little girl.

“Her right leg gave out when she was walking, and she appeared weak,” said Belle’s mother, Kelley.

Her parents learned Belle suffered from a rare brain tumor, and it had already spread to her spine.

Belle underwent surgery to remove the tumor. Her family searched for the best treatment options for Belle, and soon obtained a referral to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

At St. Jude, Belle has completed chemotherapy and radiation. In the midst of a treatment plan that would sideline most adults, Belle never lost her spirit.

She is a very social child who loves meeting new children around the hospital. Belle enjoys playing outside.