Doggy Daze at St. Jude

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At St. Jude, we recognize that we’re not just treating a disease, we’re treating a child. That’s why in the St. Jude Doggy Daze program special dogs give lots of love and affection to very sick kids. They visit St. Jude every Tuesday morning in the St. Jude Danny Thomas Research Center atrium and for a few hours our patients can be kids again and feel a sense of normalcy — a sense of home — and take their minds off cancer for a while.

Independent medical studies show that pets can actually improve the recuperation and recovery process for people with serious medical conditions. And according to the group that brings the dogs to St. Jude each week, animals are proven to have an immediate calming effect, bringing down both the blood pressure and heart rate of patients of all ages.

These amazing dogs provide comfort and a welcome break to children battling cancer. This is another example of how St. Jude encourages kids to be kids even as they fight cancer and other deadly diseases.

August 2012