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Leta Nutt, PhD

Leta K. Nutt, PhD

Assistant Member, St. Jude Faculty



Contact Information

Leta Nutt, PhD
MS350, Room D5006E
St. Jude Children's Research Hospital
262 Danny Thomas Place
Memphis, TN 38105-3678
Phone: (901) 595-6530


PhD – University of Texas M.D. Anderson Health Science Center, Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences, Houston (2002)

Research Interests

Selected Publications

McCoyF. Darbandi R, Lee HC, Bharatham K, Moldoveanu T, Grace CR, Dodd K, Lin W, Chen SI, Tangallapally RP, Kurokawa M, Lee RE, Shelat AA, Chen T, Green DR, Harris RA, Lin SH, Fissore RA, Colbran RJ, Nutt LK. Metabolic activation of CaMKII by coenzyme A. Mol Cell 52(3):325-39, 2013. (Featured article, evaluated by Faculty of 1000)

McCoy F, Darbandi R, Chen SI, Eckard L, Dodd K, Jones K, Baucum AJ 2nd, Gibbons JA, Lin SH, Colbran RJ, Nutt LK. Metabolic Regulation of CaMKII Protein and Caspases in Xenopus laevis Egg Extracts. J Biol Chem Mar 29;288(13):8838-48, 2013.

Nutt LK. The Xenopus oocyte: a model for studying the metabolic regulation of cancer cell death. Semin Cell Dev Biol Jun;23(4):412-8, 2012.

Yang CS, Gan E, Thomenius MJ, Gan EC, Tang W, Freel CD, Merritt TJ, Nutt LK†, Kornbluth S†. Metabolic regulation of Drosophila apoptosis through inhibitory phosphorylation of Dronc. EMBO J 29(18):3196-3207, 2010 (†Co-senior authors).

Nutt LK, Buchakjian MR, Gan E, Darbandi R, Yoon SY, Qiju Wu J, Miyamoto YJ, Gibbon JA, Andersen JL, Freel CD, He C, Kurokawa M, Margolis S, Fissore RA, Kornbluth S. Metabolic control of oocyte apoptosis mediated by 14-3-3-regulated dephosphorylation of caspase-2. Dev Cell 16(6):856-866, 2009. (Featured Article)

Margolis SS, Perry JA, Forester CM, Nutt LK, Guo Y, Jardim MJ, Thomenius MJ, Freel CD, Darbandi R, Ahn JH, Arroyo JD, Wang XF, Shenolikar S, Nairn AC, Dunphy WG, Hanh WC, Virshup DM, Kornbluth S. Role for the PP2A/B56delta phosphatase in regulating 14-3-3 release from Cdc25 to control mitosis. Cell Nov 17;127(4):759-73, 2006.

Nutt LK, Margolis SS, Jensen M, Herman CE, Dunphy WG, Rathmell JC, Kornbluth S. Metabolic regulation of oocyte cell death through the CaMKII-mediated phosphorylation of caspase 2. Cell Oct 7;123(1):89-103, 2005. (Cover Story) [Comment in: A cellular response to an internal energy crisis. [Cell. 2005] 2005 Oct 7;123(1):3-5.]

Nutt LK, Gogvadze V, Uthaisang W, Mirnikjoo B, McConkey DJ, Orrenius S. Indirect effects of Bax and Bak initiate the mitochondrial alterations that lead to cytochrome c release during arsenic trioxide-induced apoptosis. Cancer Biol Ther Apr;4(4):459-67, 2005.

Casaletto JB, Nutt LK, Wu Q, Moore JD, Etkin LD, Jackson PK, Hunt T, Kornbluth S. Inhibition of the anaphase-promoting complex by the Xnf7 ubiquitin ligase. J Cell Biol Apr 11;169(1):61-71, 2005.

McConkey DJ, Nutt L. Measurement of changes in intracellular calcium during apoptosis. Methods Mol Biol 282:117-30, 2004.

Nutt LK, Chandra J, Patear A, Roth J, Swisher S, O'Neil RG, McConkey DJ. Bax-mediated Ca2+ mobilization promotes cytochrome c release in apoptosis. J Biol Chem Jun 7; 277(23): 20301-8, 2002.

Nutt LK, Patear A, Pahler JC, Roth J, McConkey DJ, Swisher S. Bax and Bak promote apoptosis by modulating endoplasmic reticular and mitochondrial Ca2+ stores. J Biol Chem Mar 15; 277(11): 9219-25, 2002.

McConkey DJ, Nutt LK. Calcium flux measurements in apoptosis. Methods Cell Biol 66:229-46, 2001.

Nutt LK, O’Neil RG. Effect of elevated glucose on endothelin-induced, store-operated and nonstore-operated calcium influx in renal mesangial cells. J Am Soc Nephrol 11:1225-1235, 1999.

McConkey DJ, Lin Y, Nutt LK, Ozel HZ, Newman RA. Cardiac glycosides stimulate Ca2+ increases and apoptosis in androgen-independent, metastatic human prostate adenocarcinoma cells. Cancer Research 60:14:3807-38012, 1999.

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