Simple Ways to Improve and Preserve Memory

Have you ever worked on a deadline when the computer network slowed to a crawl or tried to open a file that was not saved correctly? Problems can even occur when you saved the file properly. For example, you may not be able to open the file if it was stored in a part of the computer memory that later got erased or if it was changed in some way.

In a similar way our brains can slow down, and our memory function can change. As a natural part of aging, mental function, including memory, begins to slow down.

For adults who had cancer as children, this can be even more of a problem due to the cancer or the cancer treatments. It may take longer for you to learn things, you may forget what you learned, or you may not be able to recall where you placed things.

For us to call something back up, we need to create and store a memory just as we would need to create and store a computer file of telephone numbers or other data. Below are simple ways to help in this process.

Pay Attention: You can’t recall something if you never learned it.

Tailor Information to Your Learning Style

Create Memory Links


Divide and Conquer

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