Research Interests in Stem Cell / Bone MarrowTransplant

Hematopoietic stem cell / bone marrow transplantation is a rapidly expanding area of clinical investigation that offers a chance of cure for patients with potentially fatal disorders.

At St. Jude, clinical trials are designed to improve patient survival and to reduce the side effects of stem cell / bone marrow transplants, while advancing knowledge in the field of transplantation. Because many patients do not have HLA-matched related or unrelated donors available, a primary research interest is expanding donor selection by using HLA-mismatched family members so that all patients for whom a stem cell / bone marrow transplant might be curative can proceed to transplantation.

In addition, studies of immune reconstitution after transplantation and new methods of processing hematopoietic stem cells are underway. New purging techniques, novel conditioning regimens and post-transplantation immunomodulation strategies are being investigated.

The Transplant Service at St. Jude is an integral part of the institution’s Transplantation and Gene Therapy Program, in which investigators from Experimental Hematology, Stem Cell Transplantation, Hematology, Genetics and Tumor Cell Biology, Behavioral Medicine, and Immunology collaborate and exchange knowledge to bring new laboratory discoveries into clinical trials.