A shopping spree with a celebrity

Kmart shopping spree with former St. Jude patient Brooke and Peyton List.

Brooke and Peyton fill their cart with toys for St. Jude kids


This is the stuff little girls’ dreams are made of. A shopping spree…in the toy department…with a Disney celebrity!

For 8-year-old Brooke, this dream was a reality. Brooke teamed up with Peyton List, one of the stars of Disney’s Jessie, and St. Jude partner Kmart at Kmart’s Los Angeles store. But she wasn’t shopping for herself. She was shopping for the kids at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital who were too sick to go home for Christmas.

Brooke was once one of those sick kids herself. When Brooke was 2 years old, she just stopped growing. The family’s doctor referred Brooke to an endocrinologist, who performed regular blood work in searching for clues to the mystery of her small size. In 2010, when her blood showed abnormalities, Brooke was sent for an MRI. Her parents were shocked when the scan revealed a brain tumor.

The tumor was identified as a craniopharyngioma. Though benign, the tumor lay near the pituitary gland and posed a risk of serious problems. And it was growing. Because of the tumor’s location, it could not be surgically removed. The neurologist said that if Brooke were his daughter, he’d want her to go to St. Jude.

Brooke’s dad said, “There are very few things a parent will ever hear in their lives that rival or are worse than ‘Your child has a brain tumor.’ It’s devastating, life altering. St. Jude does everything humanly possible to help create a very healing environment, both physically and emotionally.” At St. Jude, Brooke’s treatment included seven weeks of radiation therapy. Brooke responded well to treatment and now visits St. Jude for regular checkups.

Brooke loves to dance and has a very fun, outgoing and vivacious personality. She had a blast picking out gifts with the Disney actress. Brooke’s mom said, “We can’t thank Kmart enough for the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity of having a shopping spree with Peyton.”

“More importantly,” she continued, “the gifts they selected will enhance the lives of St. Jude patients who are unable to go home for the holidays, and the millions Kmart raises annually help St. Jude provide lifesaving care to kids like Brooke at no cost to families. God bless Kmart and St. Jude!”


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