Meet some of the patients you are helping in the fight against childhood cancer

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Meet St. Jude patient Arianna Arianna
7 years old
In 2009, shortly after Arianna’s third birthday, she was found to suffer from a rare brain tumor called an atypical teratoid / rhabdoid tumor. Her parents, Leticia and Enrique, turned to St. Jude for Arianna’s treatment. She underwent 31 radiation therapy treatments and four rounds of chemotherapy. For the next 15 months Arianna’s family enjoyed a life of relative normalcy. But in July 2011, the family was shattered to learn Arianna’s cancer had come back and had spread to her spine. Arianna began a new drug treatment at St. Jude, and the tumor drastically reduced in size. She’s a sweet-natured little girl who loves to play and dance with her little sister. Arianna is still fighting.
Meet St. Jude patient Jakayla Jakayla
7 years old
Jakayla was found to suffer from acute lymphoblastic leukemia when she was just 2 years old. She underwent two-and-a-half years of chemotherapy at St. Jude. When Jakayla finished treatment, she returned home and started kindergarten in the fall of 2011. But in March 2012, Jakayla’s family was devastated to learn that the cancer had returned. This time, Jakayla’s treatment included chemotherapy and a haploidentical bone marrow transplant – a procedure pioneered by St. Jude researchers that increases her chance of survival by 76 percent. Jakayla is now in first grade. She loves math and writing.

Meet St. Jude patienr Dionisio Dionisio
2 years old
In June 2012, little Dionisio was found to suffer from acute lymphoblastic leukemia, the most common form of childhood cancer. Dionisio’s doctor sent him to St. Jude for his treatment care. At St. Jude, Dionisio will undergo three years of chemotherapy. “I love St. Jude,” said his mother, Jenny. “I can’t describe how wonderful it is here. St. Jude has given me hope. Without St. Jude, I don’t know if my son would be here today.” Dionisio is an adorable toddler who loves to play with cars and trains. To his family’s delight, he is responding well to treatment and care.

Meet St. Jude patient Alana Alana
6 years old
For several months, Alana experienced sharp pain in her side. In May 2012, doctors in her hometown ordered a CT scan, hoping to discover the cause of her pain. The scan revealed a mass on the left side of Alana’s pelvis, and Alana's family was soon on their way to St. Jude for her treatment and care. “As soon as I entered St. Jude, in the midst of all the pain I was feeling, I felt peace and light,” said Alana’s mom, Zaidy. At St. Jude, doctors determined the little girl suffered from Ewing sarcoma, a type of bone cancer. Her treatment has included chemotherapy and radiation therapy. She’ll soon undergo surgery to remove the tumor. Alana is an imaginative, fashionable child who loves coloring flowers, butterflies and hearts.
St. Jude patient Bailey Bailey
6 years old
Bailey was found to suffer from Wilms tumor, which is a solid tumor of the kidney. Her family traveled to St. Jude, where tests revealed that the cancer had spread to both of Bailey’s kidneys and her lungs. Bailey underwent surgery to remove the tumor. Her left kidney was removed, as well as a portion of her right kidney. Bailey’s treatment also included chemotherapy and radiation therapy. Bailey finished treatment and returned home, but her family recently learned her cancer returned. Bailey is continuing treatment at St. Jude. She loves animals and wants to be a puppy doctor when she grows up.