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Webby: Most significant publications

The following manuscripts have been selected, not necessarily on the basis of highest impact, but rather in the way in which they highlight the areas where which my research program has made major contributions to the field and where substantial research focus remains.

These two manuscripts are personally significant not only for the work described but also that they represent 12 years of work in the area of swine influenza; an area that will remain a major focus of my research program. This is an area in which I am internationally recognized, where we have accumulated a substantial amount of novel reagents, and where I have a substantial level of expertise. This group of viruses led to the emergence of the 2009 pandemic H1N1 virus and as such has a documented agricultural and public health threat.

A second area where my research program has made significant contributions to the literature and public health is in the area of influenza vaccines. We continue to exploit our laboratory based research and the facilities and expertise available at St Jude to provide H5N1 vaccine seed strains to the World Health Organization. Our expertise in animal models, international surveillance activities, and access to high containment facilities supports our studies looking for novel vaccine approaches.

This manuscript highlights the contribution that our basic influenza program can make to clinical care at St Jude. My programs access to the most relevant assays, information, reagents, and expertise can help support the superb clinical care available to our patients.