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    What Is a Clinical Trial?

    Families and researchers join forces to improve survival rates, reduce side effects.

    Victor M. Santana, M.D., honored for his contribution to clinical research training

    At St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital a veteran investigator who oversees services and support essential to translating laboratory discoveries into better outcomes for patients is being honored for helping to train the next generation of research associates.

    Simplifying therapy for neuroblastoma

    The best dose of a chemotherapy drug for one child is not necessarily the best dose for another. St. Jude scientists are simplifying individualized therapy for children with cancer.

    Scientists battle bacteria to reduce treatment side effects

    St. Jude investigators have found a way to administer high doses of the potentially life-saving anticancer drug irinotecan to children without causing severe diarrhea.

    Fine-tuning cancer drug concentrations in neuroblastoma

    Monitoring and fine tuning the levels of the cancer drug topotecan in children with neuroblastoma holds promise for maximizing the drug's effectiveness while reducing its toxicity.