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    Scheduling Appointments

    Patient schedulers are registered nurses who plan your child’s schedule for every visit to St. Jude. These nurse schedulers are based in each clinic. By arriving on time to your planned visits, you will help St. Jude give prompt service to all patients.

    After your child has been seen, orders will be placed for your return visits to St. Jude. The nurse scheduler in your primary clinic will set up your return visits, print an appointment card, and review that card with you. You should meet with your nurse scheduler at the end of each day to review any needs you may have for your next visit. You will also receive a new appointment card the morning you register. It will show any changes that have been made. If anything delays the planning of return visits, the nurse scheduler will call you or mail an appointment card to your home address. The nurse scheduler in your primary clinic will set up all of your child’s visits including those for specialty clinics.

    The nurse schedulers call patient families often, so it would help to give them an alternate phone number just in case they cannot reach you at home. Scheduled appointments may change before you arrive. If changes mean you will need to come in earlier, stay later, or require special preparation, a nurse will call you. Let the scheduler know about any special requests, and please call if you will be late or if you must miss an appointment.

    If you are staying in St. Jude housing, be sure to check the voice mail on your room phone often. The St. Jude staff could leave messages for you and may call about schedule changes.

    Nurse schedulers are located in each clinic Monday through Friday, 7:30 am–5 pm. A nurse scheduler will also be in the Medicine Room each weekday from 5–8 pm and on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays from 7 am–7 pm.