St. Jude Leadership

Senior Management Team

  James Downing, MD, President and Chief Executive Officer

  Mike Canarios, SVP and Chief Financial Officer

  Robyn Diaz, JD, SVP and Chief Legal Officer

  Pam Dotson, SVP Patient Care Services and Chief Nursing Officer

Richard Gilbertson

  Richard J. Gilbertson, MD, PhD, Cancer Center Director and EVP

  Larry E. Kun, MD, Clinical Director and EVP

Mary Anna Quinn

  Mary Anna Quinn, SVP and Chief Support Operations Officer

Executive Committee (2013-2014)

James Downing, MD, St. Jude President and Chief Executive Officer
James Boyett, PhD, Chair, Biostatistics
Mike Canarios, SVP, Chief Financial Officer
Andrew Davidoff, MD, Chair, Surgery
Robyn Diaz, JD, SVP and Chief Legal Officer
Peter Doherty, PhD, Nobel Laureate, Immunology
Pam Dotson, SVP Patient Care Services and Chief Nursing Officer
David Ellison, MD, PhD, Chair, Pathology
William E. Evans, PharmD
Amar Gajjar, MD, Co-Chair, Oncology; Interim Chair, Pediatric Medicine
Richard J. Gilbertson, MD, PhD, EVP; Director, Comprehensive Cancer Center
Doug Green, PhD, Chair, Immunology
Gerard Grosveld, PhD, Chair, Genetics
Kip Guy, PhD, Chair, Chemical Biology & Therapeutics
Larry Kun, MD, EVP, Clinical Director; Chair, Radiological Sciences
Wing H. Leung, MD, PhD, Chair, Bone Marrow Transplantation and Cellular Therapy
Jonathan A. McCullers, MD
James Morgan, PhD, Chair, Developmental Neurobiology
Sean Phipps, PhD, Chair, Psychology
Ching-Hon Pui, MD, Chair, Department of Oncology
Mary Anna Quinn, SVP, Chief Support Operations Officer
Mary Relling, PharmD, Chair, Pharmaceutical Sciences
Les Robison, PhD, Chair, Epidemiology and Cancer Control
Charles Sherr, MD, PhD, Chair, Tumor Cell Biology
J. Paul Taylor, MD, PhD, Chair, Cell & Molecular Biology
Elaine Tuomanen, MD, Chair, Infectious Diseases
Stephen White, DPhil, Chair, Structural Biology