Danny Thomas Lecture Series

All Danny Thomas Lectures are presented at noon in the St. Jude Auditorium unless otherwise noted.

 Date Presentation
Sep 5 EPC Chair Forum
Speaker: Guillermo Oliver, PhD
Host: Gerard Zambetti, PhD
Sep 19 EPC Chair Forum
Conformational control & dynamic regulation of multiprotein signaling assemblies: lesson from a ubiquitin-like protein cascade
Speaker: Brenda Schulman, PhD
Host: Martine Roussel, PhD
Sep 26 The Cell Cycle and Cancer: Back to the Future
Speaker: David Beach, PhD, Queen Mary University, London
Host: Charles Sherr, MD, PhD
Oct 3 Deconstructing Metastasis”
Speaker: Joan Massague, PhD, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center
Host: Martine Roussel, PhD
Oct 10 OPEN
Oct 17 Director’s Rounds SJ - Comprehensive Cancer Center Program Series – (NBTP)
Speakers: Giles Robinson, MD / Stanislav Zakharenko, MD, PhD
Host: Richard Gilbertson, MD, PhD
Oct 24 Peter Doherty Lecture
Speaker: Vijay Kuchroo, DVM, PhD, Brigham and Women’s Hospital
Host: Douglas Green, PhD
Oct 31 The Dark Side of Cancer Cell Senescence
Speaker: Clemens Schmitt, PhD, Charite University of Medicine – Berlin
Host: Martine Roussel, PhD
Nov 7 2014 Biomedical Symposium
Nov 14 Director’s Rounds SJ - Comprehensive Cancer Center Program Series – (DTSM)
Speakers: Sara Federico, MD / Mark Hatley, MD, PhD
Host: Richard Gilbertson, MD, PhD
Nov 20 Poster Session
Nov 21 TBA
Speaker: SAB Member
Host: James R. Downing, MD
Nov 28 Thanksgiving Holiday
Dec 5 TBA
Speaker: Daniel Klionsky, PhD, University of Michigan
Host: Mondira Kundu, MD, PhD
Dec 12 TBA
Speaker: Barbara Corkey, PhD, Boston University, Boston, Massachusetts
Host: Leta Nutt, PhD
Dec 19 TBA
Speaker: John Kuriyan, PhD, University of California Berkeley
Host: Leta Nutt, PhD
Dec 26 Christmas Holiday


To view online lectures, including selected Danny Thomas Lecture Series programs, go to Cure4Kids.

Cure4Kids, developed by the International Outreach Program of St. Jude Children' Research Hospital, provides online lectures about catastrophic illnesses in children, with an emphasis on pediatric oncology.