Who takes part in research?

Taking part in research studies is voluntary. A doctor, nurse, or other staff member may ask if you and your child want to take part in a research study. This staff member will explain the study and who can take part in it. You might not need to make a decision right away if it is not an emergency. You will be given information to take home. We advise you to think about it and talk with other family members. If you would like to talk to someone at the hospital, you can talk to your doctor, nurse, or the hospital Research Participant Advocate. The Research Participant Advocate ensures that patients and their parents understand basic rights regarding clinical research. This person assists and educates families about the informed consent process. The Research Participant Advocate also serves as a liaison with the patient’s St. Jude doctor.

We encourage you to ask questions before you agree to let your child take part in a clinical study. In addition, you are encouraged to ask questions at any point during the enrollment process or during treatment.