NBA team pledges $5 million for short-term stay facility

    Who knew grizzlies could be so lovable?

    The Memphis Grizzlies, the Bluff City’s NBA team, showed their love and care for the children of St. Jude by pledging $5 million toward the construction of the Memphis Grizzlies House for patients and their families.

    The pledge is an extension of the partnership announced by the team and St. Jude in February.

    The Grizzlies’ commitment will be an integral part of the domiciliary care program at St. Jude that also includes Ronald McDonald House and Target House.

    After construction is completed on the $10 million facility that will be located on the St. Jude campus, families who are in Memphis for short-term stays will lodge there instead of a hotel. The residence will provide a home-like environment for patients and families who are undergoing treatment that lasts from one to seven days.

    “This pledge is an extension of the Grizzlies’ commitment to our St. Jude families,” said Richard Shadyac, ALSAC national executive director. “Their funding of the campus residence helps in our efforts to create a family-friendly atmosphere where these families can come together for support and encouragement. We’re proud to have this great team in our city.”

    About the Memphis Grizzlies House

    The Memphis Grizzlies House will be approximately 70,000 square feet and will accommodate up to 100 families at a time. Sixty-four of the units will be hotel-style rooms for short-term stays and 36 suites will be available for longer stays. The residence will feature recreation areas for common use, including a family room surrounded by an Adult Room, Children Room, Pre-Teen Room and Teen Room. A small, fenced playground and a basketball half-court will be located outside of the residence.

    “When families come to St. Jude, they are already experiencing a very emotional time,” said Arthur Nienhuis, MD, director of St. Jude. “These are families who have left their homes and are temporarily making a new home here at St. Jude. We want their experience at the hospital to be a comfortable one. That’s why the Memphis Grizzlies House is so important. For those families who will be here for shorter periods, we will now have the appropriate facility to provide them the same comforts as our long-term housing facilities.”

    St. Jude currently provides two unique residence facilities for patients and their families based on their expected length of stay. Families under treatment from eight days to three months are housed at Ronald McDonald House, and families under treatment for more than 90 days are housed at Target House.

    November - December 2002