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From stage IV cancer to survivor


Diagnosed with advanced testicular cancer in 1989, Nathan now enjoys spending time with his family, all thanks to St. Jude.

In early 1989, when Nathan was 16 years old, he began falling asleep every afternoon after school. He chalked it up to his busy schedule. After all, he had school work, a social life and a part-time job to maintain, so fatigue seemed normal.

But when Nathan starting experiencing extreme arm pain, his family knew it was time for him to see a doctor. Tests soon revealed tumors in his arm, chest, abdomen and testicle. He would need surgery to remove the affected testicle immediately.

At St. Jude, doctors determined Nathan suffered from stage IV testicular cancer. “I’ll never forget the overall feeling of family that surrounds you at St. Jude,” said Nathan. “Everyone I met had a reassuring smile and helped me get through each day. I knew I would survive.”


Nathan’s treatment at St. Jude included chemotherapy. Today, he treasures spending time with his wife and their daughter. They love to travel, swim and see movies at the drive-in. Nathan has also found career fulfillment as an AutoZone District Manager, and is proud to be a part of the AutoZone team and the partnership with St. Jude. AutoZone has been a partner of St. Jude for more than a decade, raising more than $19 million during that time.

St. Jude is the reason I’m alive today and that I have a wonderful family,” said Nathan. “I’m still thankful for St. Jude every day for the time I have to just enjoy my life.”

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