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St. Jude patient Brody

St. Jude patient Brody, age 10, blood cancer

Music is part of Brody's life — so is St. Jude

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Brody loves music as a birthright.

His great-grandfather was a musician who had his own orchestra. Brody's dad can play the piano by ear, and the two of them like to rock out to Led Zeppelin and Aerosmith.

Brody will play the drums if there’s a drum set around, and while he likes playing the wind instrument the didgeridoo, the sound of it makes his dog, Zena, go crazy.


When he was found to suffer from acute lymphoblastic leukemia (blood cancer) this past fall, his family knew exactly where to go.

“I wanted to take Brody to St. Jude, because that was the best place for him."

Brody's mom, Lisa

St. Jude patient Brody, with his mom

At St. Jude, Brody began a treatment plan that includes two-and-a-half years of chemotherapy.


“One of the great things about St. Jude is that they share their research with everyone. Not only is St. Jude saving all these kids who come here to Memphis (Tennessee, where St. Jude is located). It’s saving children around the world.”


Brody's mom, Lisa


Despite the rigors of treatment, Brody continues to be active and adventurous.

He loves playing sports and counts baseball, swimming and golfing among his favorites.

He likes helping out on the family farm, and music lifts his spirits.

Sweet Emotion by Aerosmith is his favorite song.


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Music Gives to St. Jude Kids t-shirt