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St. Jude patient Mae, age 6, Wilms tumor

Meet Mae

Mae loves to play dress up, and there can never be too much glitter. At St. Jude, Mae has found something she didn’t have at her local hospital: community.

Mae is a girly girl. She loves dolls, the color purple and glitter—lots and lots of glitter. On this particular day, Mae is going through a large box full of dress up clothes. There are princess dresses, fairy wings and dance costumes to sort through. Mae finds what she’s looking for, a frilly purple dress full of sparkles. Mae puts on the dress and a bejeweled tiara, then poses in front of the mirror, a princess ready for the ball.

Mae was found to suffer from Wilms tumor in fall 2010 and received treatment at a local hospital. But in March 2012, the cancer returned, and her family decided to go to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

St. Jude has a wealth of knowledge about this type of cancer, that’s where we wanted to be.

Tricia, Mae's mom

St. Jude has a wealth of knowledge about this type of cancer,” said Mae’s mom, Tricia. That’s where we wanted to be.”


At St. Jude, Mae underwent chemotherapy and radiation therapy. 

“The care at St. Jude is so comprehensive,” said Tricia. “It’s so team oriented.”

Mae’s parents are grateful she’s formed a close bond with another Wilms tumor patient, Bailey. The girls were in kindergarten together and shared the same doctors and nurses.

“We didn’t have this community the first time around,” Tricia said. “Bailey can be there for Mae in a way I can’t.”

Mae has fought her battle against cancer, and today she’s cancer free. When the sunlight catches her sparkly outfit, she seems to glow.

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