St. Jude patient Gideon, age 1, cancerous tumor

Meet Gideon

When Gideon's great-grandmother started giving to help support St. Jude, she never expected that one day a member of her own family would need treatment.

Gideon is a handsome little guy with a ready smile. Just three days after it was found Gideon had stage 4, high-risk neuroblastoma - a cancerous tumor - he was receiving his first dose of chemotherapy at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. His long and intensive cancer treatment plan involves surgery, antibody therapy, a bone marrow transplant and radiation therapy — but his smile has never waned.


Gideon’s great-grandmother has been giving faithfully to St. Jude for more than 25 years, never expecting she would personally know anyone who needed St. Jude — much less be a member of a St. Jude family herself. Like all families at St. Jude, Gideon’s will never receive a bill for treatment, travel, housing or food — because all a family should worry about is helping their child live. “Those concerns evaporate when you’re here, because of the supporters,” said Gideon’s mom.

When Gideon had a swollen eye, his family thought maybe he just hit his head with a toy. They never imagined a scan would reveal cancer throughout his body. But, St Jude had a plan and they got to work immediately working to save Gideon.

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