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St. Jude patient Sara and her father, Bojan

Daddy and daughter: half a world away

As soon as they arrived at St. Jude, Bojan knew the trip from Serbia was worth it.

In April 2014, 2-year-old Sara’s parents, Bojan and Tanja, were eagerly awaiting the arrival of her baby sister, Ana, when they learned Sara suffered from a cancerous tumor called neuroblastoma. “There was tumor growth on Sara’s adrenal glands, her liver and lymph nodes,” said Bojan. “It was in her bone marrow, too.”

Determined to get Sara the best treatment possible, her parents turned to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, a half a world away from their home in Serbia. It was difficult for Bojan to leave Tanja, just a month away from her due date, but he knew St. Jude could provide Sara the world class treatment she needed.


The trip from Serbia took three plane rides and more than 20 hours, but as soon as they arrived at St. Jude, Bojan knew it was the right decision. “We have gotten the whole package, the best,” Bojan said. “Sara’s treatment is incredible. Her doctor is wonderful.”

Sara’s treatment has included surgery, chemotherapy, antibody therapy and radiation therapy. She has also received Bojan’s natural killer (NK) cells. “Coming to St. Jude has already fulfilled our belief that this would be the best place, without yet knowing the outcome,” said Bojan. “There’s no way you will make a mistake if you send your kids here.”

We have gotten the whole package, the best ... Sara’s treatment is incredible. Her doctor is wonderful.

Bojan, Sara's father

Sara is a playful little girl who makes up stories and has a vivid imagination. Tanja and Ana were able to join Sara and Bojan at St. Jude, and he’s relished their family time together. “My purpose for living is because of my kids and my wife,” Bojan said. “We knew we needed the best for Sara, and St. Jude is the best.”

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