Pomp and challenging circumstances

Pomp and challenging circumstances

Rylie Wilson and 26 other students celebrated an important milestone in May when they participated in the hospital’s fourth annual kindergarten graduation. The St. Jude School Program presented by Target helps patients like Rylie continue their normal educational activities while they are undergoing treatment.

“Many patients miss their own graduations, so this helps fill that void,” says Michaela Shurden, kindergarten–6th grade teacher. “One patient this year was newly diagnosed just days before our graduation, which also happened to be the same day hers was going to occur at home. Both the parents and the patient were thrilled and appreciative that she was able to participate in graduation after all.”

The school program also hosts high school commencement exercises in collaboration with Child Life. This year, 13 teens participated in the high school commencement.

Promise magazine, Summer 2011

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