St. Jude Formal

By St. Jude patient Austin Otey

St. Jude Formal

From day one to graduation, high school is a time of both joy and pain, where young adulthood is plagued by drama and emotion. There is no good time to receive a cancer diagnosis, but I must admit missing out on senior year has had more than its own share of grievances. All the things that made the first three years of high school bearable have been taken from me and have instead been replaced by drama and emotion of a new breed.

As wonderful as St. Jude is, it can never truly give back what I and my peers here have lost. But by the same token, St. Jude has found a way to provide us with at least a substitute. The St. Jude prom gives us the chance to both feel like regular teenagers again and to celebrate our battle here.

The prom shows every kid here that even in the face of all this pain, there is something to celebrate.

Abridged from Promise, Summer 2013

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