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Promise Summer 2015

Promise Spring 2015 cover

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In this issue . . .

  • Ewing Sarcoma: Changing Hues

    Ewing Sarcoma: Changing Hues

    A spectrum of discoveries in St. Jude labs and clinics offer promise for patients with Ewing sarcoma.

  • Ten Fingers Ten Toes

    Ten Fingers Ten Toes

    St. Jude scientists’ discoveries offer hope for some of the tiniest and most vulnerable patients—babies with a rare and aggressive form of leukemia.

  • Leaving the Nest

    Leaving the Nest

    The St. Jude Endocrine Clinic helps families gain the confidence and knowledge they need to spread their wings.

  • Jaxon's Journey

    Jaxon's Journey

    After a minor accident prompted a medical evaluation that led to an early diagnosis of medulloblastoma, a 13-year-old boy expresses his story in poetry form.

  • Source Code

    Source Code

    St. Jude scientists discover the genetic basis of the side effects that sometimes accompany cancer treatment.

  • Sifting Needles from Haystacks

    Sifting Needles from Haystacks

    First, St. Jude pioneered a test that could pinpoint one leukemia cell among 10,000 normal cells. Now that test is helping guide therapy—with spectacular results.

  • Melanoma: Signs and Subtypes

    Melanoma: Signs and Subtypes

    For decades, the genetic basis of pediatric melanoma was a mystery. But St. Jude scientists recently discovered the molecular signatures of three pediatric melanoma subtypes.

  • Racing to Save Lives

    Racing to Save Lives

    The sale of one rare and beautiful car will benefit children undergoing treatment for life-threatening diseases.

  • Connecting to St. Jude at Work

    Connecting to St. Jude at Work helps companies who want to include St. Jude in their workplace giving programs.

  • Research Highlights

    Research Highlights

    Read recent highlights from St. Jude, including honors and awards, therapies for defects of brain tumor mutations, and the importance of reducing glucocorticoid resistance.

  • The Beauty of Giving

    The Beauty of Giving

    "Any little thing I can do to help a child is a beautiful gift,” says supermodel and actress Lily Aldridge.

  • Hope Through Change

    Hope Through Change

    The Ependymoma Awareness Day celebration symbolized hope through change with a release of butterflies.