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“I am”

- By Jaxon Hindman

I am strong and hopeful.
I wonder how many kids are there?
I hear the frustration and anger of other families and children.
I see the pictures of survivors hanging on the walls.
I want them to find a cure.
I am strong and hopeful.

I pretend I’m Danny Thomas.
I feel his arms leaning out to hug me.
I touch my head and feel nothing.
I worry if it will ever come back.
I cry when I’m in pain.
I am strong and hopeful.

I understand what the doctors tell me.
I say, “Never give up Hope.”
I dream one day I’ll work there.
I try to be strong for my family.
I hope no more kids go through what
I went through.
I am strong and hopeful.


Jaxon's Journey

When Jaxon Hindman fell to the floor during a dodgeball game at school last year, he lost consciousness for an instant. Then he brushed himself off and returned to class.

“My head was really hurting afterward,” Jaxon recalls.

Throughout the day, the pain increased. “When I went to lunch, all the noise and commotion made it hurt a lot worse.”

Cresta Hindman, a nurse, suspected her son had a concussion. She and her husband were shocked when tests revealed a brain tumor called medulloblastoma.

Ironically, the dodgeball accident may have saved Jaxon’s life, because it led to an early diagnosis.

“We say that ball was God’s divine intervention, because the ball was lightweight and should never have knocked him down,” Cresta says.

Jaxon’s teachers and principal signed the ball and delivered it to him during his treatment.

Now 13 years old, Jaxon returns to St. Jude for regular checkups. He is back to playing basketball and hopes one day to work at St. Jude.

Reprinted from Promise, Summer 2015

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