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Promise Winter 2015

Promise Winter 2015

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In this issue . . .

  • A Fertile Future

    A Fertile Future

    The Fertility Clinic offers options for St. Jude survivors.

  • Meanwhile, in Memphis

    Meanwhile, in Memphis

    Long before a little boy in Puerto Rico received news that his leukemia had returned, a St. Jude team of scientists and physicians had already been collaborating to create a therapy that might someday save his life.

  • Retinoblastoma: A Deeper Look

    Retinoblastoma: A Deeper Look

    How do children with the eye cancer retinoblastoma fare as they grow into adulthood? St. Jude researchers uncover answers for survivors like Terry Aldridge.

  • Making Progress with Ph-like ALL

    Making Progress with Ph-like ALL

    When Marissa Boudreaux was a little girl, a St. Jude clinical trial saved her life. Since that time, the hospital has taken dramatic steps toward identifying and treating patients with Ph-like ALL, the leukemia subtype she battled.

  • Sneezing Seals, Virulent Virus

    Sneezing Seals, Virulent Virus

    St. Jude scientists discover that a flu virus deadly to some harbor seals also poses a threat to humans.

  • The Power of St. Jude

    The Power of St. Jude

    Faith binds donor to Danny Thomas and to the hospital he founded.

  • Perspective: Fore the Kids

    Perspective: Fore the Kids

    Golf history’s greatest icon, Jack Nicklaus, explains his support of St. Jude and children’s health care.

  • A Partner for Life

    A Partner for Life

    Meet one of the more than 750,000 dedicated Partners In Hope.

  • Champion for St. Jude

    Champion for St. Jude

    Marlo Thomas was honored for her tireless efforts to raise awareness and funds for the research and treatment of childhood cancer.

  • Research Highlights - Promise Winter 2015

    Research Highlights - Promise Winter 2015

    Research Highlights for Promise Winter 2015 - includes information on gene therapy for hemophilia, Ewing sarcoma, and much more.