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Join us on \;April 20 &\; 21 a t 6 p.m. PT \;for the \;Warburton Virtual Songwriters and < span class=SpellE>Rheneypalooza Jam. Tune in to let loose! Watc h\, listen and sing with Songwriters \;Tim Nichols\, Rivers Rutherford \, Wynn Varble and Jim Collins \;during Tues day’\;s Songwriters Night. The following evening\, you will enjoy per formances from five Rock &\; Roll Hall of Fame artists and others inclu ding: \;Steve Augeri\, Skunk Baxter\, Kim Ca rnes\, Felix Cavaliere\, Alice Cooper\, Steve Cr opper\, John Elefante\, Charles Esten\, Sara Evans\, Kevin Griffin\, Emerson Hart\, Kenny Loggins\, Mike Mills\, Jason Scheff and The Memphis Horns and \;SIXWIRE members Andy Childs\, John Howard\, Steve Mandile\, Chuck Tilley\, Steve H ornbeak and Kevin Marks.


For additional information\, please visit: arburton