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Jemi Atunlese, MHA

  • Project Coordinator, Health Systems Unit


Jemi Atunlese is Project Coordinator for the Health Systems Program for Global Pediatric Medicine. Jemi’s interest in public health and health care administration led him to St. Jude. Jemi started out by earning his degree in Public Health at Babcock University in Nigeria. He worked with government parastatals and NGOs in Nigeria to address public health issues, such as preventing mother-to-child transmission of HIV/AIDS, Adolescent/School health projects and malaria prevention programs. Jemi also worked with the federal government on several projects aimed at improving the quality and delivery of care in tertiary care institutions in Nigeria.

Jemi has continued to develop himself as a healthcare administrator. He has a Masters’ degree in Health Administration (MHA) from Western Kentucky University, where he served as an Assistant Instructor with the Public Health Department. Jemi also worked with a Fortune 500 healthcare organization as a Business Development Analyst where he applied his operational and analytical skills to inform and advise hospital leadership on financial and operational expectations, coordinate vendor /service contract agreement proceedings, managed hospital operations projects, and coordinated Joint Commission assessment preparations.

Jemi seeks to continue developing himself to be an all-round health care leader and help patients access the best quality health services. He is adventurous and enjoys hiking, playing soccer and chess for leisure.